Choosing the most effective email marketing method can be difficult for most SMEs. Sure, you have the option to personally craft your email marketing strategy from the ground up and put your ideas into practice.

However, you can also choose to outsource and place your trust in the experts. 

Because when you factor in the time, expertise, and resources it takes to develop campaigns, outsourcing email marketing services is typically a more effective and affordable solution. And in this blog, we’ll tell you why.

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Email Marketing

Increases email consistency and frequency  

Increases email consistency and frequency

When you’re juggling email marketing along with other tasks, you run the risk of neglecting your email list. This can lead to audiences forgetting about you.

Remember, consistency in email marketing is essential for developing loyalty and trust.

That’s why when you have an outsource team, they’ll be at the forefront in making sure email campaigns are delivered consistently to the right people at the right time.

Acquire skilled and experienced professionals

Acquire skilled and experienced professionals

A spammy headline, grammar error, or even a lengthy sentence can make or break your email campaigns. Studies show that 59% of users say that email marketing impacts their purchasing behaviour.  

With an outsourced team, the possibility of any of these mistakes minimises.  Email marketing specialists are skilled in writing catchy subject lines, strategically placing CTAs, and designing mobile-friendly campaigns.  

Email marketing budget is maximised

Email marketing budget is maximised

Building an in-house email marketing team can be both extensive and expensive. It takes time to find and hire the right people, let alone train them. So, if you have the desire to add email marketing to your current marketing plans, better outsource now.

Because when you work directly with email marketing experts, you’re sure of getting your money’s worth.

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Revamp previous campaigns 

Revamp previous campaigns

Email marketing specialists think outside the box. They don’t just sit down and plan for new ideas, but also tweak or rework previous campaigns for upcoming projects. In fact, implementing previous campaign strategies keeps users engaged—buying the outsource team time to create effective and long-term email campaigns.  

It saves you time

It saves you time

Running a business means spending more time on the bigger picture — overseeing expenses, crafting strategies, and a lot more. So, it’s unlikely for one to still have the time to work on your campaigns. 

You have all the top tools at your disposal

You have all the top tools at your disposal

One of the disadvantages of building an in-house email marketing team is the absence of online tools. These tools help marketers design winning campaigns and determine which are working and which aren’t. So while you’re paying your in-house staff, you’ll also be buying them the tools needed. 

This is different when it comes to outsourcing since they already have the tools. 

An outsourced email marketing team uses multiple high-level tools for tracking clicks, improving click-through rates, segmentation, calendar integration, and A/B testing.

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Email Marketing?  

What factors should you consider before outsourcing

Request samples

You need to know the type of work these people promote or sell. This allows you to see if their quality of work meets your needs and standards.  

Set goals for your business

Next, develop a set of goals you want to accomplish working with them. Remember, it’s critical for them to have a firm grasp of the short and long-term objectives of your email marketing strategy and vice versa.

Know what they expect from you and your team

Your agency will need a lot of things from you – branding guidelines, online logo design, images, and more. So before kicking things off, ask if they need other assets from you. Doing so can help them speed up the launch of your campaigns.

Leave your email marketing to the pros  

With over 4 billion email users worldwide, there’s no doubt email marketing is a must for brands looking to expand and reach more customers. Outsourcing email marketing services ensure your business and emails stand out from the crowd by tracking important key metrics and experimenting with different strategies.  

With Crazy Domains’ Email Marketing service, you can leave all your worries to the pros. From campaign planning to management, you get a dedicated specialist to handle everything for you. This is on top of signing up for an Email Marketing plan, granting you access to our user-friendly and intuitive platform.