Now that it’s November, everything seems to be rushing headlong into the holiday season. If you don’t have a marketing plan in place yet for the holidays, then you better establish one fast.

For small businesses, no reminder is needed that the holiday season is full of shopping, especially online. Moreover, mobile shopping is expected to boom this season.

To give you more of an idea on how to approach the season of giving, we have some tips here for you. The idea is simple: take your marketing to the next level!

Appreciate your customers

Personalised cards

Your customers need to be reminded, now more than ever, that their continued loyalty is much appreciated. Personalised cards or emails are the perfect way to show them this. You can also include cards on their orders or give them out with each purchase at your physical store.

Contests and freebies

To get more hype around your business, think about launching a contest or hosting an event to spread the holiday cheer. Giveaways are also good little reminders of your service. Company gifts such as calendars, mugs and more are a good option, as are useful items such as gift wrapping materials and other small items.

More perks

Don’t forget to stay competitive this season! Offer more holiday perks such as free gift wrapping or shipping, or discounts, rewards and redeemable points.

Get into the holiday sale spirit

Customers expect many sale events across online retailers and brick and mortar shops. Take note of the big sale days and get into the spirit.

Black Friday

As one of the biggest sale days of the year, Black Friday is an unmissable opportunity for small businesses. Start the hype early on and get your customers excited about your exclusive deals. Make sure to limit the supply or availability to create an environment of urgency. Choose the products that are in high demand and give your customers a deal they can’t refuse.

Small Business Saturday

This particular Saturday is dedicated to small businesses, especially promoting local retailers. This takes place between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and encourages people to support independent businesses by shopping small. Special deals and offers are a must for this day.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is for online shoppers who can’t get enough of holiday deals. Be sure to take advantage of the hype by offering more deals or tying up the shopping weekend with rewards or coupons from the Black Friday shopping spree.

Get more word out


Get more exposure for your brand by getting bloggers, online magazines or articles to feature you on their gift guides. Local publications or influencers would be a good place to start. Getting on all your local listings has never been more relevant!


Your website should be ready and amped up for the holiday season. Make sure that you will be offering the best experience across desktop and mobile and that your site can handle the traffic. Scatter holiday wishes all throughout.

If you have a physical store, it’s time to bring out the decorations and help make your customers feel the season to the full.

Give back

Giving gifts during Christmas shouldn’t be limited to loved ones and customers. A great way to show you care is by giving back to a good cause. Look for a community or charity in your local scene that you care about and donate some of your proceeds there. You could also encourage customers to support your chosen cause or hold drives to raise more funds.

Nothing compares to the holiday season when it comes to deals and stuff you can’t get for the rest of the year. Make sure you make it count for your customers and offer them the real deals of the year.