Domain extensions are the final part of any domain name (e.g., .com, .net, .au). They play an important role in giving websites their identity by showing the country they’re from, what an organisation does, and so on. 

There are various types of domain extensions available in the market, such as generic, sponsored, restricted, or country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). 

The .me domain is among the most popular and preferred domain extensions today. Why? It’s an excellent way to give your website more personality.  

So, what is .me domain? Learn what it’s used for and how you can use it to your brand’s advantage. 

What Does .ME Domain Mean 

One of the most attractive and preferred domain names in the market today, .me, is the ccTLD of Montenegro. 

Unlike before, when .me domains were available only to Montenegro citizens. Today, .me is available for registration to everyone. When the domain was first launched, it became popular with designers, students, and anyone who wanted to express themselves via their domain.  

Below are some creative uses of .me domain names that you can consider for your brand, too: 

  • Excellent for personalised domains, social network activities, or call-to-action domains (e.g.,,, 
  • .me domains can be used as a personalised web address and a business marketing tool (e.g., 
  • It can also be used for personal blogs and resumes (e.g. 

Apart from these, you can also use the domain extension .me as the last part of a word. For instance, if your name, brand name, or the term you want to register ends in .me, you can use .me as part of the word. 

So instead of going with, you could simply register It’s not only witty but it shortens your domain name, which is good news if you want to be easily memorable!  

What Is .ME Domain Used For  

The .me domain extension has several benefits, making it popular among internet users and earning it a place in the global TLD category. 

Here are some of the reasons to get a .me domain: 

Best for Personalised Branding 

One of the key benefits of the .me domain is that it allows your business to highlight your brand’s personalized offerings. 

Whether you wish to build a personal website, launch your small business, or simply share a photo album, combining your name and the .me domain gives your brand a robust online presence that is both memorable and unique. 


Although .me is the country code domain for Montenegro, most of the top search engines allow geo-targeting for this domain, allowing you to set your preferred geographic location. 

To put it simply, .me domains let you run your business from any part of the world without worrying about the geo-restrictions usually placed on other extensions. 

Safe and Secure 

.me domains are completely safe and secure. Registering your brand in ccTLDs eliminates the hassle of dealing with suspicious elements trying to acquire your name once it’s registered. 

The benefit of having a .me domain is that they are checked constantly for abuse to protect your identity. 

Global Recognition  

Another advantage of getting .me domains is that it is truly global. Unlike general TLDs, the .me domain extension carries the same meaning in multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish, English, all South Slavic languages, and more. 

Plus, anyone in the world can easily register it. As it’s geo-targeted by Google, this means it is an SEO-friendly domain, too. 

Short and Memorable  

Nothing is shorter and more memorable than .me. Being just two characters long, the .me domain is catchy and ideal for making a personal statement. 

This is also the reason why ccTLDs such as .me are continuing to grow as they are much easier to register. 

Is .ME for Me? Who Can Benefit from .ME Domains 

Almost anyone can register and benefit from a .me domain. The use of the domain extends globally, making it a perfect choice for your personal or business website to help you reach your target audience. 

More specifically, the following audiences can take advantage of its unique and authentic appeal:  

  • Freelancers, musicians, artists, and other creatives 
  • Small businesses looking to promote and personalise their brand 
  • Budding artists or actors looking to create an online portfolio  
  • Individuals needing an online space to market their skills 

Stay Aweso.ME with .ME   

.me is one of the most personal domain extensions in the market, giving you countless opportunities to define your brand. It helps you communicate the personal aspects of your business to customers and so much more! Show the online world what you’re truly made of with .me today! 

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