Hats off to you for finally deciding to create a website. But where do you go from there?  

To get a website up and running, you need to have these two essentials: your website and a web hosting plan.  

The analogy is simple – your website is the house and the web hosting is the land you build your house on.  While you can get them both separately, most web hosting providers offer hosting packages that allow users to create websites together with a web hosting plan. You don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars in building one. 

Economical Ways in Building a Website

Here are three low-cost options guaranteed to help you create an incredible site (and it’s not as difficult as it seems!) 

cPanel hosting 

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cPanel is the industrystandard Linux-based web hosting tool that allows you to build and manage your website in a single seamless platformThrough cPanel web hosting, you’ll be able to upload your website files, add new email addresses or subdomains, and install new software and plugins 

It’s a cheap web hosting plan that packs all the right features, which is perfect for those that want to build their own website from scratch. 

cPanel can have a learning curve, so you need to have some technical knowledge to code a website and transfer it to your hosting.  

If this isn’t an issue, then you’ll get a bang for your buck with cPanel hosting.  

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WordPress hosting 

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It’s no wonder why 500+ sites are created daily using WordPress. The content management system (CMS) makes website building easier for everyone.  

With WordPress hosting, there’s no need to create a website separately and transfer it to your hosting. The app is pre-installed for you, so you get to start creating your online space and publish your site right away.  

With 57,000+ plugins, you can scale your website and stack on the features that you want. You can install plugins for SEO, web analytics, ecommerce, contact forms, security, and more!  

You don’t even need to be tech-savvy when you setup your WordPress siteWith its Text and Visual Editor, you can easily create pages, add new posts and plugins, and tweak your website whenever you like. 

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Site builder 

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Website builders are popular because who wouldn’t want to have a website in an hour or two? As long as you have the time and creativity, you can enjoy building a website on your own with a site builder 

Whether you’re creating a personal portfolio, ecommerce, or simple business website, site builders speed up website creation by a lot. 

With its no-fuss drag-and-drop feature, site builders offer non-tech-savvy users the following benefits: 

  • Build your website in a snap 
  • Tweak your website anytime 
  • Integrate your socials seamlessly 

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Which tool should you pick? 

You have extensive programming knowledge? Build your website through cPanel . 

Is your website heavy on content and require regular updates? Choose WordPress. 

You want to build your own website in a snapWebsite builder is for you. 

Each of these cost-effective tools delivers different benefits and downsides — go for one that best suits your business needs.