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Kate Furnifer Course Instructor

Online marketing lets you promote your brand through online channels like websites, social media, and email.  

And thanks to these platforms, it levels the playing field between small to medium businesses and larger enterprises.  

But here’s the catch. If you don’t know how to do online marketing right, you’ll lose the chance of attracting thousands of potential customers worldwide.  

Master the art of online marketing with Crazy Domains’ Head of Engagement and Loyalty; Logen Lanka. He’ll walk you through its basic concepts and enumerate the steps to creating an effective online marketing strategy. We’ll also dive into three popular online marketing tactics you can start implementing today.  

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn how online marketing makes it easier for brands to reach more people. 
  • Know the steps in building a solid online marketing plan. 
  • Understand the different objectives of the SMART Goals framework. 
  • Learn the four stages of the Buyer’s journey. 
  • Discover how SEO, Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimisation help attract traffic and skyrocket ROI 
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