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Web Hosting showing as Pending Setup

When purchasing any registration services or products with Crazy Domains, including Web Hosting. A Pending Setup status appears as a part of our approval process. This is to ensure that the information provided to us is true and correct. In this article, you will learn why a Pending Setup status is showing on your account and how to go about it.

Why am I seeing Pending Setup Status on my Web Hosting Account

While there can be a lot of reasons, your Web Hosting service or a product is in Pending State status because:

  • Your account is being processed and verified by our automated approval system.
  • There is a conflict of activation in your account, this is due to a duplicate order. Either an existing Web/Email Hosting or Site Builder service.

What You Should Do

Please allow 24 hours for our system in processing and verifying your account request. You will then receive an email confirmation once it's approved and setup is complete.

If you haven't received an email confirmation within the 24 hours verifying period. Please contact our support team to further assist you.

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