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.tax Domain Name Registration

.Tax domain for tax accountants and tax preparation specialists

The first known system of taxation was in Ancient Egypt around 3000-2800 BC. A tax on houses with flat rooftops was neatly avoided by the ruling pharaohs by building pyramid structures, and a tax on workers was similarly avoided by using slave labour to build them.

Ever since taxes have existed there have been people to rebel against paying them, and for the rest of us our saviours in the form of tax accountants and tax preparation specialists.

Nobody likes taxes - even if they pay for things like schools and hospitals - but if your busy is in help and advice with tax, you can get a less taxing domain name from Crazy Domains.

  • .TAX is the web domain name for resources providing info on taxation of all kinds .
  • .TAX is an ideal domain name for the tax accountants who provide us help.
  • .TAX is the domain name for everyone who believes taxes are a badge, not of slavery, but of liberty.