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.gives Domain Name Registration

.Gives for everyone who knows it's better to give than to receive

The majority of people in the world today are good-hearted and good-natured, wanting little more than to contribute to society and humanity in some small way.

Giving is universal. The web today provides exciting platforms for charity and cause-related fundraising awareness.

Giving behavior has been seen in various animals, with some monkeys having been observed aiding injured or handicapped other members of their group. Dolphins have been known to bring gifts of fish to humans, but lack the opposable thumbs in order to wrap them in paper.

The new .GIVES web address is a beacon online for caring and giving, and gives a focus for altruism and service. It is here that the good can gather.

  • .GIVES is for charities and NGOs.
  • .GIVES helps businesses highlight their corporate social responsibility.
  • .GIVES is a home online for philanthropists and personal fundraising.